"Here I am on my most special night-- being feted as Designer of the Month at FENDI Casa in West Hollywood. I am sitting next to my mentor Jerry Shimer who took me under his wings when I started in the business and taught me professionalism in interior design by sponsoring me as a member in the Interior Design Society of America (A.S.I.D.) and getting into prestigious showcase houses that garnered a lot of publicity. 

At the FENDI casa event I had over 300 of my most favorite friends and family there from all over the county to celebrate with me!  I got to choose the menu, music, and got TESLA- the first all-electric car, to debut their speedster there in front of the boutique.  Because of the FENDI I was invited to design the Royal Palace in Qatar.  

I love volunteering!!  I was the oldest girl scout in history I think.  I support the arts especially, but I have done a lot of things out of my comfort zone such as becoming a Community Emergency Responder.  I was on the first flight back to New York to get to Ground Zero.  The area was filled with SWAT teams, 1st responders, military... They didn't even need my blood.  But I took photographs and a few of them were on a traveling exhibit and now are in the Smithsonian archives in Washington D.C.

I also had the most humanly humbling experience of doing recovery work in New Orleans after the Katrina disaster.  It changed me forever and I use it as my motto whenever I encounter challenges.  "It ain't Katrina" I say to myself and it grounds me."

In addition to designing interiors spanning from, villas, palaces, private jets, model homes, oceanliners, boutiques and hotels Antoinette Galisky has designed furniture, fabric, jewelry and even lipstick colours.

                                                           -Toni Galisky